STASIS is a blog by your favorite pop journalist, theo ploeg. Here I write about new, sometimes old(er), music and pop culture. My angle (POV) is always the broader cultural perspective, not so much the music itself.

I’m a writer for FRNKFRT and Gonzo (circus). I used to work as a pop culture journalist and editor for cut-up, Opscene, OOR, The Quietus, Kindamuzik, and Bassic Groove. Also, I am teaching sociology at the Maastricht Institute of Arts.

It’s good to be in stasis once in a while, as long as it stays weird (xeno for life).

My collection of interesting articles on the future of music can be found here. Listen to our monthly mixtape on Mixcloud.

The archive of the STASIS blog is over here.

STASIS is dedicated to Adorno (both, the cat and the sociologist, but mostly the cat who is a famous DJ in cat heaven).